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IFMA's Facility Management Talent Pipeline with the California Community Colleges

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Did you know the IFMA Foundation is helping students launch a lucrative facility management careers utilizing their Facility Management Talent Pipeline at Chaffey College in the Inland Empire? This IFMA initiative provides industry resources to the California Community College system through free access to the Essentials of Facility Management (EoFM) contextualized online curriculum that can be integrated into a Facility Management certificate or 2-year degree program. The EoFM program is available through a license agreement between the Foundation and all qualifying California Community Colleges and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). The EoFM is designed specifically for the California Community Colleges, the Facility Management Talent Pipeline facilitates close collaboration with industry on program design, student outreach and enrollment, networking with employers, internships, and employment. This collaboration helps to cultivate student success and a strong talent pipeline by providing students with career awareness, preparation, work experience, and other knowledge and skills necessary to gain employment in the facility management field. Benefits Colleges receive an unlimited number of licenses to use the Essentials of Facility Management curriculum on campus for training and research, instruction, or administration. Colleges may offer EoFM as a standalone course, as part of an Associate degree or Certificate program, or as a contract education offering to meet Talent Pipeline needs as defined by the Regional Advisory Council. Talent Pipeline workshops that inform Facility Management programs and engage industry for student internships and other work experience opportunities. Program support from the Energy, Construction, and Utilities Sector Navigator, and from IFMA, including liaison with local IFMA chapters for site visits, guest speakers, and student memberships to the chapter is provided. Interested Colleges Colleges interested in bringing the Facility Management Talent Pipeline to their campus must first complete the College Interest form, and then complete and email the Application for License form to Jorge Burwick at

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