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Services/Shipping/Fulfilment Policy 

The Inland Empire Chapter services provided for the training course/study package/materials involve three entities/vendors with separate functions as follows:
1.    For the FMP Credentials Training Course, the student, hereto referred to as registrant, can make payment by credit card (and debit card and PayPal as well) for each of the 4 modules at $495 each or upfront for all 4 modules at $1,980. 
2.    The IFMA IE Chapter will be the administrator for the FMP Credential Training Program courses payment(s) and registrants must first register for the course on this website and note on the registration form which payment option they prefer as noted in item 1 above.
3.    The IFMA HQ will be the vendor for the FMP Credentials Training Course materials and will mail and email the registrant (both a printed and electronic version) after the IFMA IE Chapter has provided IFMA HQ with proof of payment as noted in item 1 above. 
4.    There remains one final FMP credential (certification) payment due from the registrant (when all 4 courses are passed) and the cost for the FMP certificate is made directly to IFMA HQ in the amount of $140 for IFMA members and $250 for non-IFMA members by the registrant.  
5.    The IFMA Certified Instructors Larry Morgan or Phyllis Meng will be the registrant’s instructor and the IE Chapter contracts with the instructors directly for the various courses they offer.

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