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Professional Member Benefits & Services

IFMA's World Workplace® Conference and Expo

Nothing compares to IFMA’s World Workplace. As the original all-encompassing learning and networking event on facilities and how to manage them, World Workplace remains the gold standard in facility management (FM) education, knowledge exchange, career development and professional network building.

IFMA’s World Workplace has been leading groundbreaking discussions and discoveries related to FM and the built environment for over 40 years. Hosted by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), World Workplace facilitates idea sharing and best-practice exchange between all professionals who support the built environment.

Held in a different U.S. city annually with event programming focused on the latest topics of interest and concern to FM, World Workplace offers a new experience each year. There’s program value for FM and related workplace professionals at every level of their careers and across all types of facilities.

On-line Training

Learn from the most-respected name in the industry and increase your competitive edge. Our courses let you learn what you want when you want and give you the proof to back it up.​ Take individual courses based on what interests you most or fill in knowledge gaps and become a more well-rounded FM professional. Earn digital badges that can be verified by potential employers, showing you have the know-how and knowledge they're looking for. Show your employer your accomplishments and validate your coursework with IFMA-approved certificates of completion

Partnering with a Corporate Sustaining Partner (CSP)


This membership program ensures you’re doing business with a highly reputable company that actively supports your profession. It goes beyond just selling a product or service — these companies believe in the FM profession and believe in supporting its future. These industry leaders can help you make informed buying decisions. Search below to find the solution to your FM needs.

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