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Special IFMA Inland Empire Member Booth Offer at the So Cal Facilities Expo April 5-6, 2023

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FACILITY EXPO (SCFE) IFMA IE CHAPTER CORPORATE SPONSOR BOOTH INFO Want to share our chapter's booth at the SCFE for only $150/ If yes, chec out the benefits below and let us know.

  • The SCFE runs 2 days at the Anaheim Convention Center (not connected with IFMA) with over 1,200+ FMs and their partners attending every year.

  • The IFMA Inland Empire provides a unique opportunity for its members to promote their companies within our 10 x 10 booth at the SCFE for $150.

  • To participate you have to already be a member of the IFMA Inland Empire Chapter. Chapter dues are $92 per year and National dues are $219 per year. You have to pay both, for a total of $311.

  • Each corporate sponsor shares one 6 ft. table with another corporate sponsor (2 chairs and 2 corporate sponsors per table, so you get one chair and half a table). Our chapter provides the tables and chairs.

  • There are two (2) tables per booth (4 chairs for 4 corporate sponsors). Tables are rotated each day so each participant is in front one day.

  • Each Corporate Sponsor displays a 17" x 24" yard sign (see example below that is usually your business card) at their table. Your yard sign is purchased at Vistaprint by the chapter from your electronic file so if you reuse your sign the next year, your cost for the SCFE program is reduced to $125.

Have any questions or require additional info? Please contact Corey L. Wilson at the IFMA Inland Empire Chapter at or (951) 415-3002. .

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